Sep 19, 2023

Does Domino's Pizza Use Seed Oils?

Domino's Pizza has etched its name in the hearts of pizza lovers worldwide. But the pertinent question arises, does Domino's use seed oils?

Does Domino's Pizza Use Seed Oils?

With its catchy jingle and memorable delivery promises, Domino's Pizza has etched its name in the hearts of pizza lovers worldwide. Celebrated for its wide variety of pizzas and quick delivery service, this pizza giant caters to the cravings of many on movie nights, game nights, and just about any night. But the question arises, does Domino's use seed oils in their dishes? Brace yourself for the revelation.

Domino's is Drenched in Seed Oils

For those holding onto hope that their favorite slice from Domino's might be spared of seed oils, the reality is starkly different. It's hard to digest (both figuratively and literally), but this pizza giant predominantly uses soybean and/or canola oil in its offerings.

The Oily Details

The mainstays in Domino's cooking arsenal are the pervasive soybean and canola oils. These oils, often championed for their affordability and neutral taste, are unfortunately rife with health concerns. Rich in polyunsaturated fats, their excessive consumption is linked to inflammation, potential heart issues, and an imbalance in the body's omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. For those striving for optimal health and aiming to reduce inflammatory foods from their diet, these oils are best kept at bay.

The Domino's Menu Breakdown

Navigating the Domino's menu, hoping to find a seed-oil-free safe haven? We hate to break it to you, but...

Seed-oil safe menu items

Sadly, it's a bit quiet here. There are no surefire seed-oil-free options available at Domino's. Every delicious, mouthwatering bite, be it their thin crust or the classic hand-tossed, comes with its share of seed oils.

Items Best Left Unordered

Topping the list of items to avoid would be the very essence of Domino's - the pizza dough. And while many might relish their wings as a side to their main pizza course, those too fall into the seed oil pitfall, making them unsuitable for those looking to steer clear of these oils.

Seed Oil Scout's Verdict: Dine Shamefully at Domino's

It's a bitter slice of reality for many Domino's aficionados. While their pizzas tantalize the taste buds, they unfortunately don't do any favors for those conscientiously avoiding seed oils. Unless Domino's revamps its ingredient list, the health-conscious among us might have to relegate their pizza cravings to establishments that prioritize health along with taste.

Yet, knowledge is power. Being informed about where our food comes from and how it's prepared is the first step toward better health. Let Seed Oil Scout be your trusted guide in this journey. Download our app and make every bite count toward a healthier you.