Oct 8, 2023

Does Flower Child Use Seed Oils?

Flower Child's hipster ambiance beckons to health enthusiasts with promises of organic, wholesome meals. But do they use seed oils?

Does Flower Child Prioritize Health with Their Oils?

Flower Child's vibrant brand name and hipster ambiance beckon to health enthusiasts with promises of organic, wholesome meals. But do their dishes live up to the promise when it comes to avoiding the controversial seed oils? Let’s unravel the menu.

Grapeseed Oil Domination

At first glance, Flower Child seems to tick all the right boxes for the health-conscious diner: vibrant salads, lean proteins, and the aura of wholesome goodness. However, a deeper dive reveals the ubiquitous presence of grapeseed oil. Touted by some as a heart-healthy oil due to its high polyunsaturated fat content, grapeseed oil, like other seed oils, can contribute to inflammation and may disrupt the body's omega-6 to omega-3 ratio when consumed in excess.

No Safe Haven for Seed Oil Avoiders

One would hope to find some dishes at Flower Child that sidestep the seed oil maze. Regrettably, such dishes are as rare as a desert flower after a long drought. From proteins to dressings, grapeseed oil has made its mark. While some might argue that grapeseed oil offers certain health benefits, for those diligently dodging seed oils, there's no sanctuary here.

Navigating the Menu: A Tightrope Walk

If you decide to brave Flower Child's menu, proceed with eyes wide open. Every protein dish, be it succulent chicken or fresh fish, is drenched in grapeseed oil. And those refreshing salads? They come slathered in dressings that are not devoid of the same oil. The unfortunate reality is that while the meals might be a visual and gastronomic treat, they don't align with a seed oil-free diet.

Seed Oil Scout's Verdict: Dine with caution

For a place with such an earthy, health-centric name, Flower Child's extensive use of grapeseed oil is disheartening. Those passionate about sidestepping seed oils would do well to either skip this eatery or double-check with servers before ordering. In the expansive garden of dining options, it might be wise to pick another flower. Always remember: your health is paramount, and making informed choices is your best tool. Let Seed Oil Scout guide you on your culinary journey.