Oct 8, 2023

Does Just Salad Use Seed Oils?

Just Salad or just seed oils?

Just Salad: Fresh Greens, But What About the Oils?

As health-conscious dining gains traction, eateries like Just Salad have sprung up, promising a fresh, quick, and nourishing meal. With an array of colorful ingredients and the freedom to create a personalized salad bowl, it's an ideal stop for many looking for a guilt-free lunch. But when the topic turns to seed oils, a growing concern for many, does Just Salad manage to stay true to its name?

The Oils Behind the Greens

While salads are traditionally considered the epitome of health, the oils used in dressing them can drastically alter their nutritional profile. At Just Salad, two oils emerge as frequent flyers - soybean and sesame oil. Soybean oil, often hidden under the guise of 'vegetable oil', has been spotlighted by health advocates for its potential inflammatory properties. Sesame oil, with its aromatic allure, is a common feature in Asian-inspired dishes but comes with the baggage of being a seed oil.

Crafting a Seed Oil-Free Bowl

The beauty of Just Salad lies in its adaptability. Unlike some establishments with rigid menu options, here you can craft your meal from scratch. For the vigilant diner, this means the possibility of sidestepping seed oils entirely. By choosing fresh ingredients and opting for alternatives like olive oil, one can assemble a salad that's both delectable and devoid of the controversial oils.

However, it's crucial to be on guard, especially when it comes to dressings. While their menu boasts a range of tantalizing dressing options, most are steeped in seed oils. Even the most innocuous-sounding options might be harboring these oils, making it imperative to either skip them or seek clarity on their ingredients.

Seed Oil Scout's Verdict: Tread Cautiously at Just Salad

Navigating Just Salad's offerings comes down to making informed choices. While their fresh ingredients and customizable bowls offer a glimmer of hope for a seed oil-free meal, the omnipresence of these oils in their dressings warrants caution. Our verdict? "Dine cautiously". But with a little diligence, you can ensure your bowl remains a testament to health, flavor, and freshness.