Oct 8, 2023

Does MOD Pizza Use Seed Oils?

In the bustling world of fast-casual eateries, MOD Pizza has emerged as a fan favorite. But when it comes to seed oils, where do they stand?

MOD Pizza: Customizable Flavors, But How About the Oils?

In the bustling world of fast-casual eateries, MOD Pizza has emerged as a fan favorite. With its promise of handcrafted, customizable pizzas tailored to each diner's preferences, it's no wonder the brand resonates with many. From the crisp crusts to the tantalizing array of toppings, MOD Pizza promises a personal touch. However, when it comes to health-conscious choices, especially concerning seed oils, how does MOD Pizza stack up?

The Oil Under the Crust

Delving into MOD Pizza's ingredient list, canola oil quickly surfaces as a primary contender. Despite its widespread use in the culinary world, and often promoted for its supposed health advantages, canola oil has been scrutinized by nutritionists and health enthusiasts for potential adverse effects.

Picking Through the Toppings

MOD Pizza's allure largely stems from its extensive menu, allowing diners to craft their perfect pizza. Fortunately, there are some safe havens for those dodging seed oils:

The standard crusts stand uncontaminated, with the exception of their gluten-free variant. For those keen on savoring the sauces, choices like BBQ, garlic rub, and the classic extra virgin olive oil stand out as safe bets. When it comes to cheeses, while most sail through without the shadow of seed oils, the vegan variant warrants caution.

However, it's not all smooth sailing. Diners should be wary of many of their dressings which, despite their flavorsome appeal, harbor seed oils. Some meat toppings, notably the plant-based Italian sausage and mild sausage, alongside accompaniments like eggs, croutons, and the aforementioned vegan cheese, also require a second glance. As with any dining experience, especially for those with dietary preferences, it's prudent to double-check and communicate one's requirements.

Seed Oil Scout's Verdict: Navigate with Care at MOD Pizza

While MOD Pizza tantalizes with its delectable and diverse offerings, our verdict leans towards "Dine cautiously". The presence of seed oils in various dishes necessitates a careful menu navigation. Yet, with informed choices and clear communication, one can still savor the MOD experience, albeit with a touch of moderation. After all, as the age-old wisdom goes, it's not just about eating but eating right that counts.