Oct 8, 2023

Does Smashburger Use Seed Oils?

Let's take a closer look at what's cooking at Smashburger.

Smashburger: Sizzling Flavors, But At What Cost?

The alluring scent of freshly grilled patties, the sound of sizzle, and the promise of a delectable bite - Smashburger has become synonymous with these sensory delights for burger enthusiasts. With its contemporary approach to fast-casual dining, this restaurant chain promises an experience that's both flavorful and trendy. But as the modern-day consumer has become increasingly discerning about what goes into their food, the spotlight inevitably shines on the types of oils restaurants use. Let's take a closer look at what's cooking at Smashburger.

The Oily Truth Behind the Grills

Rumors once buzzed around the culinary community about Smashburger's potential use of tallow – a cherished fat derived from beef, hailed for its rich flavors and its nod to traditional cooking methods. For the discerning diner who values both taste and health, tallow offers a delightful promise. However, as is often the case, reality presents a slightly different picture. While there might be traces of this nostalgic fat in Smashburger's dishes, it's unfortunately blended with seed oils, diluting the purity and the potential health benefits one might associate with tallow.

Delving into the Menu

Hopes of finding a seed oil sanctuary within Smashburger's menu quickly wane as one sifts through their offerings. While the optimistic might want to believe that the individual burger patty stands uncontaminated, our advice leans towards verification before indulgence.

The terrain gets murkier as we explore further. Burger buns, an essential component of the Smashburger experience, are tainted with seed oils. The same goes for their crispy fries and several other delectable items that make up the Smashburger repertoire.

Seed Oil Scout's Verdict: Tread Cautiously at Smashburger

For all its culinary allure, Smashburger poses a conundrum for those aiming to steer clear of seed oils. While their burgers might tantalize the palate, the underlying seed oil presence is hard to ignore. The verdict? "Dine shamefully" when considering health implications tied to seed oils.

While indulging once in a while might be the choice for some, for those steadfast in their commitment to avoid seed oils, it's a reminder that sometimes the most delicious bites demand a deeper scrutiny. In the vast landscape of dining choices, ensuring that flavor and health go hand in hand often requires a discerning eye and the willingness to ask the tough questions.