Oct 8, 2023

Does Wendy's Use Seed Oils?

While Wendy’s offers some mouth-watering options, if you're avoiding seed oils, it might be a tough terrain to navigate.

Navigating Seed Oils at Wendy’s: A Surprising Insight

Many of us cherish the memory of indulging in a square burger, a bowl of their chili, or the ever-famous Frosty. But if you're someone who's been trying to avoid seed oils in your diet, you might need to tread cautiously the next time you approach the Wendy's counter.

Canola Oil at Wendy's

Seed oils, such as canola oil which Wendy’s employs, are high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fats. An imbalance of these fats in our diet, in comparison to omega-3 fats, has been linked to inflammation and several health issues.

Breaking Down Wendy's Menu

The Sparse Safe Bets

At Wendy’s, the oasis of seed oil-free options is a small one:

  • Desserts and Treats: If you're looking for something sweet without the worry of seed oils, Wendy’s has got you covered with their chocolate chip cookie, sugar cookie, and the classic Frosty.
  • Sides: The plain baked potato is a safer bet if you're looking to avoid seed oils.

These options don’t exactly comprise a full meal, unless you're carb loading.

The Culprits to Avoid

Alas, the majority of Wendy’s menu is a minefield for those dodging seed oils:

  • Classic Favorites: Yes, that includes the buns on the burgers and even their fries.
  • Surprising Suspects: Think you're making a healthier choice with a salad? Not really. Most (if not all) of Wendy’s salad dressings also contain seed oils.

Seed Oil Scout’s Verdict: A Tricky Affair

While Wendy’s offers some mouth-watering options, if you're steering clear of seed oils, it becomes a tough terrain to navigate. The select few items free of seed oils don’t necessarily offer a wholesome meal.

With the Seed Oil Scout app, you can always keep track of seed oil content across various restaurant menus, ensuring you're never caught off guard. Making healthy choices has never been easier! Download the Seed Oil Scout app today to dine with confidence!