Nov 23, 2022

What does Huberman Lab say about seed oils?

Andrew Huberman recently offered his take on seed oils on his podcast. What's the verdict? Does Dr. Huberman eat seed oils?

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Huberman's verdict on seed oils

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Dr. Andrew Huberman offered his take on seed oils on his first AMA episode on 11/2/2022. Link to the user AMA question.

Dr. Huberman said that there is currently no evidence in major peer-reviewed clinical trials that seed oils are "as evil" as many people are saying they are, however he does acknowledge there is a dark side to seed oils.

Dr. Huberman states that seed oils are extremely calorically dense, cheap, and have newly been added to the American diet in many processed foods, and that these excess calories are very likely contributing to the obesity epidemic in America, and obesity does indeed cause a whole host of metabolic issues.

Dr Huberman said the following on seed oils and obesity:

"In the last two decades and in particular in the last 10 years the consumption of seed oils has gone up dramatically, that is true, and that the caloric content of seed oils may in some ways, perhaps in many ways be contributing to the so called 'obesity epidemic'"

Does Dr. Andrew Huberman eat seed oils?

Dr Huberman avoids seed oils, according to the AMA episode. He states that he consumes only small quantities of grassfed butter and extra virgin olive oil, as he has concluded those are the healthiest oils from the literature.

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