Nov 12, 2022

What does Layne Norton say about seed oils?

Layne Norton recently offered his take on seed oils on his podcast. What's the verdict? Does Layne Norton eat seed oils?

Layne Norton's verdict on seed oils

Layne Norton breaks down his view on seed oils on the Huberman Lab podcast, some quotes below:

"Seed oils have negatively contributed to our overall health because people in the last 20-30 years, what they have tended to add into their diet that has increased the overall calorie load is oil, mostly from seed oils"

"If you look at the epidemiology, yea you can find some epidemiology showing people who consumes more seed oil have more negative health outcomes..."

However, Layne generally drives his decisions off of randomized controlled trials, and says that you should limit your saturated fat consumption to 7-10% of your daily caloric intake, based on the evidence he has seen.

"I just haven't seen really compelling evidence that seed oils are the root cause of the problems that are being suggested"

Layne thinks the primary evil is the excess calories, not the seed oils specifically.

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