Nov 16, 2022

What is Joe Rogan's take on seed oils?

Several recent guests on the Joe Rogan experience have bashed seed oils. What's the verdict? Does Joe Rogan eat seed oils?

Joe Rogan's guests who have discussed seed oils

"Seed oils are some of the worst f*cking things your body can consume" -Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has had several guests on the JRE to discuss the dangers of seed oil consumption, some notable episodes below:

Episode #1870: Max Lugavere, NYT bestselling author of Genius Foods (clip)

Episode #1890: Phetasy, comedian

Episode #1551: Dr Paul Saladino, notable carnivore diet influencer.

Joe Rogan and his guests agree, seed oils are not a natural part of the human diet, and used to be used as engine grease!

"So if you're cooking in grapeseed oil... it's a crime against nature?" - Joe Rogan

"Yea.. it's the most unnatural thing" - Max Lugavere

Does Joe Rogan eat seed oils?

Joe Rogan does not eat seed oils. He consumes wild game, salmon, eggs, some plants and vegetables including avocado, asparagus, broccoli, and kimchi.

Often times he will do intermittent fasting, in a 16-off, 8 hour on regimen, and occasionally will go keto/carnivore for periods of time.

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